Signs you may be an introvert

Introverts get poked fun at a lot on the internet, and in fairness, we can be rather quirky individuals. The thing is though I love personality typing, in fact, that was part of the reason that I found out that I was an introvert. For those of you who love the MBTI (Myer Briggs Type Indicator), I am an INFJ and finding that out was like finding light after living in darkness all my life.

Admittedly, I struggle a lot with social anxiety, which maybe feeds from my introversion too, but on the whole I am an outgoing, fun loving, cheerful and positive person – even suffering from depression has not changed that. Yet what confused me was that I am often extra exhausted after spending any time socialising, I barely let friends in, even close ones, although they would think they know a lot about me, and I avoid taking phone calls, as if they would infect me with the plague!

You might also be an introvert if you find yourself agreeing with any of the following, although, you may also have an unfortunate case of Social Anxiety Disorder and need to seek professional help [insert laughing].

  1. You get really, really excited by cancelled plans, weekends free, and binge watching entire series.
  2. Summer is difficult –  you consider a beach “crowded” when you arrive to find even two other people there.
  3. Going for a drive (just a drive) alone, or just with your closest family is considered a suitable and exciting outing.
  4. You have never been to a nightclub, bar on a friday or saturday night, or a concert – or at least have not made that “mistake” more than once.
  5. The words “Group Activity” or “Team Building” give you an instant headache, which you consider a very happy coincidence, because then you have a real and valid excuse to sit out!
  6. Friends worry about you because you are becoming, or have become, a recluse, a hermit, or eccentric – actually that is only those friends who have not given up on you, because you never go out with them.
  7. You might stay at a party an hour or ten longer than you wanted too, because you are busily lingering awkwardly in the background hoping for a break in conversation to say goodbye to the host.
  8. Going to get groceries requires 2 weeks notice, because you will need that much time to recharge after going into the halogen light, people infested nightmare that is the Supermarket.
  9. Despite all the jokes you make, you really do love other humans, and even spending time with people, but you need a day or two of peacefulness to get over the exhaustion after a busy social interaction.
  10. You love your friends and family and would gladly do anything for them – except answer a phone call – if they love you they will text!
  11. You rarely leave home without a book, headphones, or phone which you hold like a shield in front of you in public so that people don’t try to make small talk with you.
  12. You regularly get into trouble with your friends and family because they’ve been talking to you for 5 minutes and you haven’t heard a word they said because you’re lost in your thoughts – planning world domination of course, us introverts are sneaky like that!
  13. Wherever you go, you make friends with random animals of all types – chances are your best friends are furry!
  14. You may often feel most lonely in a group, more than you do when you are by yourself.
  15. You find it hard to concentrate if there are a lot of conversations, noises, activities, or people around you.
  16. Your favorite place to be is at home, on your sofa, with a soft blanket, a cup of tea, and your pet.
  17. You can stand in front of a large crowd of people and confidently deliver a presentation, but you turn into a puddle of jelly when asked to socialise with those same people afterwards.
  18. You avoid public transport, lifts in busy buildings, and popular cafes if at all possible – a lot of people in a small space like that makes you hyperventilate.
  19. You possibly love extroverts and are drawn to their energy and natural joyfulness – you may even envy them for their ability to always be “on”.
  20. You don’t always have a lot to say, but your mind is never, ever, ever, ever silent.
  21. People think they know you really well, but the reality is that you have carefully allowed them to know as much as you think they need too – it is just the tip of the iceberg!
  22. And last, but certainly not least, you love personality typing, because you suddenly feel like all your oddness and social awkwardness makes perfect sense and you are now secretly awesome!

I am amused too remembering that not long ago, I sat for an hour in my car in multi level parking building, alone. I had several appointments that day and there was empty space between some of them – normal people would probably have gone to a coffee shop or looked around other outlets for a while, but not me. Not me, and not another person who was sitting in the car opposite mine, we shared a rye smile a couple of times as we sheepishly acknowledged with a glance the comradery of it all.

Introverts unite!!! Separately, in your own homes (or cars).

7 thoughts on “Signs you may be an introvert

      1. Yep! And in previous jobs I’ve taken my lunch break in my car just to be by myself (a little awkward when a colleague walks past and spots you, wondering what the heck you’re doing in your car when others are going to the coffee shop or staying in the office to eat/take a break).


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