Sad is a perfectly acceptable emotion

It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to feel sad. Feeling sad is a perfectly valid emotion and like all other emotions it has the right to be felt.

Growing up with a narcissistic mother, a fairly detached dad, and an abusive family, emotions weren’t something I was allowed to acknowledge. Sadness in particular was frowned upon, instead of being comforted I would be called whiny, sulky, spoiled, stuck up, precious little bitch, attention seeking and so on. I’m sure you get the picture.

So when it comes to feeling sad, it is the least comfortable of all emotions. Sadness not only makes my chest ache, but when it’s sadness because someone or something let me down there is an extra element of guilt – I suddenly feel whiney, sulky, like I expect too much, I wonder if I show my feelings or say anything if everyone will believe I’m attention seeking. Alas, I say nothing.

Sad is not an evil feeling, it is balancing to our happiness, but unfortunately many have come to resent sadness and see it as selfish or weak. Sad is more than that, sad has many facets, it’s an important emotion to help us heal.

You may be bereaved when a loved one dies, despairing when everything seems to go wrong, deliberate pain inflicted by others may leave you bitter, a distressing situation may leave you disconsolate, depression may cause one to be despondent, dismal, distressed, and even doleful.The winter gloom can make the world feel mournful, glum, and somber.

Those words paint such a picture and are just a few of the many layers to the emotion of sadness. If we can be grateful for the different tone of each of them, it isn’t too far of a step to believe that sadness is a fully valid expression of our feelings, as valid and useful as joy!

Today I am despondent, I feel left out and overlooked and it’s left me with s gloom in my chest and an ache in my soul. I’m not sulking or looking for attention, I’m having a go at expressing my sorrow at the tender heart that is a little crushed. And that is okay!

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