A story about discouragement

A short while ago, I read this short story about discouragement. The lady who had it had kept the well worn and creased paper it was written on for years, occasionally bringing it out to remind herself of the importance of prayer, and the incessant annoyance of discouragement. It really struck a chord with me, over the years I’ve faced many trials, but the most powerful of them all surely is discouragement. Discouragement saps you of the strength to keep enduring.

I’m going to share the story here for others to hopefully benefit from.

The Devil’s Sale

One day The Devil advertised a sale. Of the utmost interest to the malevolent types attending this sale were the Devil’s trademark tools. He had a high price on them all: Pride, Laziness, Arrogance, Hate, Envy, Materialism, just to name a few.

Hiding in a corner, out of the way of the rest though was one heavily worn tool with a sign under it: “Not For Sale.” It was a strange-looking tool, quite plain and non-descriptive, nothing really very special about it but it held a look of prominence that was impossible to ignore. As I listened I heard someone ask, “What is that tool and why isn’t it for sale?”

“Well,” The Devil whispered, “I can’t afford to get rid of that one! That’s my favorite tool – Discouragement. You see, with this tool, I can pry open a heart, and once I’m there, I can do most anything I want. Discouragement is my most effective tool. More damage can be done by Discouragement than almost any other tool that I have ever used, it is my favorite to use, most people don’t even notice that I have used it on them until it is too late!”

So please remember the very next time that you become discouraged, “to throw your burden on God” and ask him to sustain you (Psalms 55:22). As the end draws ever nearer, Satan the Devil is using his most powerful weapon against us all, trying to pull us away from following God and receiving eternal salvation under His loving and perfect Kingdom.

Photo by Leon Biss on Unsplash

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