How to spot a narcissist

Your words are twisted and used against you.

The pretend to help you, but it makes you feel miserable and indebted instead.

They make a rude and hurtful statements and then claim you misunderstood them.

They make you feel guilty when you have a different opinion or can’t do exactly what they want when they want.

They make you wonder if it is you who has the problem. All. The. Time.

If you do not do what they want, exactly how they want, they will abuse you, or withdraw their love and affection.

You are unhappy with your relationship, but you feel obligated or fearful of losing it.

You always feel as though you are falling short of their expectations of you, nothing is every good enough.

You walk on eggshells, fearful of upset them or hurting their feelings.

They try to isolate you from your other family and friends.

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