Sometimes people can surprise you

I started writing here because I was encouraged by those I trusted to share the feelings I had been journalling. They thought it would be good for me, carthartic, to be able to let my words out, instead of keeping them hidden as I have all my life.

I kept writing here because people from around the world started to connect with me, telling me that my words meant something to them. I have had so many wonderful people reach out and explain that they’d shared this blog with their friends and family because I wrote the words they could not make themselves say out aloud. It was nice to have a purpose, and a way to help others experiencing the same.

But sometimes people surprise me in ways I did not expect – not only do they reach out to say they understand, they reach out with compassion and care so genuine that it takes my breath away. Recently I wrote about chronic pain and how it brings intrusive thoughts of suicide borne of the fear of living with this for the rest of a long life.

Within hours several really lovely people had sent me messages of support and friendship. They were empathising with me, and caring, offering encouragement and advice and support. It touched me so much. To have these messages coming in felt like feeling the first rays of summer sun after a long cold winter – it gave me strength and courage.

So to those who care and support someone who struggles with any kind of long term illness, on behalf of myself and those who have experiences this type of pain , I want to say “Thank you!”.  Thank you for your words of kindness, it helps me/us to stay strong and to focus on the good.

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